17 Oct 2014

Roy Orbison & Parody Law

To say that Roy Orbison’s “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” is influential is an understatement, but did you know it broke legal ground as well?
In 1994 a …

16 Oct 2014

"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" Diamond Awards

“OH, PRETTY WOMAN” by Roy Orbison

From the Diamond Awards, Antwerp, Belgium –


15 Oct 2014

Tom Petty on Roy Orbison & "OH, PRETTY WOMAN"

“The first time that I heard him was on the family radio. I remember that he sounded very otherworldly, like he came from another place. …

14 Oct 2014

Comparotronic: "OH, PRETTY WOMAN"

Have you weighed in?

Compare the original Monument 1964 version of  Roy Orbison’s “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” to the 1987 revisited version-



13 Oct 2014

"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" Live in Las Vegas

“OH, PRETTY WOMAN” by Roy Orbison

Live in Las Vegas ’83 –


10 Oct 2014

Van Halen Covers "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" 1982

The biggest hit from Van Halen’s 1982 album “Diver Down” was Roy Orbison’s guitar anthem “OH PRETTY WOMAN”-



  • royorbison:Read more about #RoyOrbison and "OH, PRETTY WOMAN"s influence here: http://t.co/G4glSka0os #OPW502 days ago
  • royorbison:A 1994 suit between 2 Live Crew & Acuff-Rose Music publishing set the precedent for much of what we know as 'parody' law today #OPW502 days ago
  • royorbison:To say that #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" is influential is an understatement, but did you know it broke legal ground as well? #OPW502 days ago
  • royorbison:"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by #RoyOrbison From the Diamond Awards, Antwerp, #Belgium - http://t.co/ZUNGXQgDEZ #OPW503 days ago
  • royorbison:RT @deanraymusic: Week 9 covered legend @ROYORBISON's 1962 hit #crying on @thexfactor_au #XFactorAU #deanraymusic https://t.co/ZXkK6l1Vll4 days ago
  • royorbison:"He had that incredible stage presence with the sunglasses and this jet-black hair." -#TomPetty on #RoyOrbison #OPW504 days ago
  • royorbison:Have you voted? Compare the 1964 version of #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" to the 1987 revisited version- #OPW50 http://t.co/g8ASlzF07w5 days ago
  • royorbison:"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by #RoyOrbison Live in Las Vegas '83 ( http://t.co/fonP8osu58 ) #OPW50 http://t.co/Scl7dSBAOL6 days ago
  • royorbison:"She's A Mystery to Brie" #RoyOrbison #CheeseSongs1 week ago
  • royorbison:"California Bleu" #RoyOrbison #CheeseSongs1 week ago
  • royorbison:The biggest hit from @VanHalen's 1982 album "Diver Down" was #RoyOrbison's guitar anthem "OH PRETTY WOMAN"- http://t.co/nMqEEICOrg #OPW501 week ago
  • royorbison:Head on over to http://t.co/1MkWuYdzSF to listen to #RoyOrbison playing "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" live at the SNCO in 1972! #OPW501 week ago
  • royorbison:Get it while you can! Only 50 avail for sale! 50th Anniversary "Oh, Pretty Woman" #RoyOrbison Zippo #OPW50 http://t.co/gyep4Y3CFL1 week ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison performing "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" on The #DukesofHazzard in 1981 with Daisy Duke just over his shoulder-http://t.co/eqzdc2F3RM1 week ago
  • royorbison:RT @IceDiamond09: @ROYORBISON Oh pretty woman was 50 years ago no.1 in the world charts #Ohprettywoman #RoyOrbison1 week ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison's "YO TE AMO MARIA" was the B-side to "OH PRETTY WOMAN" & was recorded the very same day in #Nashville w/the same band! #OPW502 weeks ago
  • royorbison:"YO TE AMO MARIA" by #RoyOrbison http://t.co/dVf53uswyj #OPW502 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Check out @Roem's performance on @NBCTheVoice & what @adamlevine has to say about Roem & the great #RoyOrbison- http://t.co/aRrzBfgg6o2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" was performed by @NBCTheVoice contestant @Roem Baur last night!2 weeks ago



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