30 Jul 2014

"IT'S OVER" by Roy Orbison

“IT’S OVER” by Roy Orbison

Written by Roy Orbison and Bill Dees

From the Monument Concert, 1965-


29 Jul 2014

"THE WAY IS LOVE" by Roy Orbison

“THE WAY IS LOVE” by Roy Orbison

From Mystery Girl Deluxe: AVAILABLE NOW

Featuring Wesley, Roy Jr., and Alex Orbison accompanied by John Carter Cash on vocals, …

28 Jul 2014

Roy Orbison and The Rolling Stones

Happy belated Birthday to Mick Jagger!

The front man of the Rolling Stones celebrated his birthday over the weekend!

Here’s Roy Orbison pictured with some of The Rolling …

25 Jul 2014

"YOU GOT IT" Live at the Diamond Awards

“YOU GOT IT” by Roy Orbison

The hit single from Roy’s Mystery Girl Album performed live at the Diamond Awards, Antwerp, Belgium -


25 Jul 2014

America's Got Talent: "You Got It" Cover

Emily West performs Roy Orbison’s “YOU GOT IT” on America’s Got Talent!

23 Jul 2014

"WALK ON" by Roy Orbison

“WALK ON” by Roy Orbison -




  • royorbison:"IT'S OVER" written by #RoyOrbison & #BillDees from the #Monument Concert 1965 http://t.co/g7MlVhLLp1 Watch the video:http://t.co/xU3KSa56D422 hours ago
  • royorbison:#MysteryGirl Deluxe, the new #RoyOrbison CD/DVD set is now available: http://t.co/JkMvuU0OLP1 day ago
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  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison & @RollingStones on tour in #Australia 1965 http://t.co/T1FPxS4upl2 days ago
  • royorbison:"YOU GOT IT" by #RoyOrbison The hit single from #MysteryGirl (http://t.co/u7Ohp7CUEt) Live at the Diamond Awards http://t.co/SB42eJ2Mg65 days ago
  • royorbison:Emily West performs #RoyOrbison's "YOU GOT IT" on #AmericasGotTalent- https://t.co/IyQb4ni2cH6 days ago
  • royorbison:"WALK ON" by #RoyOrbison http://t.co/a7bq29gjGg1 week ago
  • royorbison:Part 4 of #Rockabilly N #Blues #Radio's interview with #RoyOrbison's son Alex: http://t.co/algQCZ3J8j1 week ago
  • royorbison:"WHAT'D I SAY" by #RoyOrbison Performed live at The Monument Concert 1965- http://t.co/A0osBSA6031 week ago
  • royorbison:"BLUE BAYOU" by #RoyOrbison From Live from #Australia http://t.co/zykiWA0VCG1 week ago
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  • royorbison:"CRYING" by #RoyOrbison from the Monument Concert 1965 http://t.co/wZk4H3HCV72 weeks ago
  • royorbison:"LLORANDO" the #Spanish language version of #RoyOrbison's "CRYING" performed by #RebekahDelRio http://t.co/Qk2WcTfjRs2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday #RebekahDelRio! #Llorando #RoyOrbison #Crying2 weeks ago



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