29 Jan 2015

Roy Orbison's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!

On this day in 2010 Roy Orbison’s Walk of Fame Star was received by his wife Barbara, and sons Wesley, Alex, and Roy Jr. with some …

28 Jan 2015

Texas: Orbison Park to Get Upgrade

Vernon’s Orbison Park gets upgrade grant
VERNON (SPECIAL) — Orbison Park near the southern edge of Vernon will receive upgrades soon thanks to a Texas …

28 Jan 2015

"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by Van Halen

“OH, PRETTY WOMAN” by Van Halen

Check out Van Halen’s cover of Roy Orbison’s classic song-


27 Jan 2015

Mindy Kaling: Pretty Woman

Check out this teaser of the brand new Super Bowl ad featuring Mindy Kaling and Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman!”-

Read more HERE!

26 Jan 2015

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

Roy Orbison toured Australia many times over the years and there is still a huge fan following there!  Here’s Roy performing “LAND OF …

23 Jan 2015

"Sweet Caroline" by Roy Orbison

“SWEET CAROLINE” by Roy Orbison

This concert was held at The Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia, on October 3rd, 1972.  “Sweet Caroline” was also a hit …



  • royorbison:RT @GeorgeHarrison: George and @ROYORBISON backstage 1963. #TravelingWilburys #NelsonWilbury #LeftyWilbury http://t.co/2DYbFafx4P10 hours ago
  • royorbison:On this day in 2010 #RoyOrbison received his #Hollywod #WalkOfFame Star! http://t.co/Gfp7k4S9kP14 hours ago
  • royorbison:"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by @VanHalen Check out Van Halen's cover of #RoyOrbison's classic song- http://t.co/nQnMeraDQI1 day ago
  • royorbison:Check out this teaser of the brand new Super Bowl ad featuring @mindykaling and #RoyOrbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman!"- http://t.co/gGJYXUc1ow2 days ago
  • royorbison:Here's #RoyOrbison performing "LAND OF 1000 DANCES" in #Australia in 1972- http://t.co/Zv1fcpfs4f3 days ago
  • royorbison:Happy #AustraliaDay! #Roy Orbison toured #Australia many times over the years and there is still a huge fan following there!3 days ago
  • royorbison:"SWEET CAROLINE" by #RoyOrbison The song was also a hit for #NeilDiamond, who celebrates a birthday tomorrow! http://t.co/vT3B0ZvZZl6 days ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison & The @RollingStones toured #Australia together 50 years ago this month! Here's a photo from that tour- http://t.co/rcRtC79hdD1 week ago
  • royorbison:Here's a studio outtake of "CLAUDETTE" that includes both versions-as performed by #RoyOrbison & The #EverlyBrothers http://t.co/FtzGm2GOYC1 week ago
  • royorbison:Both #RoyOrbison and the #EverlyBrothers had a hit with the Orbison-penned song, "CLAUDETTE."1 week ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday #PhilEverly! The #EverlyBrothers were longtime friends of #RoyOrbison! #rocknroll #legends http://t.co/C5hrDTWKd01 week ago
  • royorbison:"Leah" by #RoyOrbison From Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black & White Night- http://t.co/Pg8EfpElUT1 week ago
  • royorbison:"RUNNING SCARED" by #RoyOrbison From Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black & White Night- http://t.co/mS0DG9TjSk2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Here's TBoneBurnett with #RoyOrbison & an all star band for Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black & White Night-http://t.co/lUQpcLVJDt2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday T Bone Burnett! #legend #producer #Black&WhiteNight #RoyOrbison2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:"CRYING" by #RoyOrbison with @kdlang - http://t.co/KhtReDbz8s2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:The Year's Best Reissues! Hint: #RoyOrbison's #MysteryGirl Deluxe made the list! http://t.co/Me3YzKe7co2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday Barbara Orbison! Here's a photo of #RoyOrbison & his #MysteryGirl http://t.co/kt6Z0IeGsG2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:"#ELVISPRESLEY was bigger than life." - #RoyOrbison #legends2 weeks ago



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