26 Jun 2015

"SWEET CAROLINE" by Roy Orbison

“SWEET CAROLINE” by Roy Orbison

Recorded for Roy Orbison’s MILESTONES album from MGM Records, here’s Roy performing “SWEET CAROLINE” live in Australia-

25 Jun 2015


Roy Orbison’s MILESTONES

Back of album jacket-


24 Jun 2015

"DRIFT AWAY" by Roy Orbison

“DRIFT AWAY” by Roy Orbison

Written by Mentor Williams and probably best known as Dobie Gray’s 1973 single,  “DRIFT AWAY” was recorded by Roy Orbison on June …

23 Jun 2015


Roy Orbison’s final MGM Records album, MILESTONES, was released on September 24, 1973, but much of the recording was done in June of that same …

22 Jun 2015

The Fastest Guitar Alive

THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE- starring Roy Orbison!

Posing as purveyors of a snake-oil elixir, Johnny and Steve are really Confederate spies out to nab a major …

21 Jun 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day from RoyOrbison.com!



  • royorbison:Happy 4th of July!! Here is a video of Roy Orbison singing "THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER" https://t.co/jmc5FPnVAK1 hour ago
  • royorbison:"SUGAR AND HONEY" from THERE IS ONLY ONE ROY ORBISON https://t.co/WZw1DnmfRA1 day ago
  • royorbison:"YOU FOOL YOU" from the Roy Orbison album THERE IS ONLY ONE ROY ORBISON https://t.co/WhuhS8J7Te2 days ago
  • royorbison:On this date in 1965, Roy Orbison signed with MGM. The 1st MGM album was THERE IS ONLY ONE ROY ORBISON. #OTD https://t.co/wQMW02XIiE3 days ago
  • royorbison:Roy took great pride in his car collection. #RoyOrbison #cars https://t.co/1b93rUWLmu3 days ago
  • royorbison:This date in 1965 marked the end of Roy Orbison's term with Monument Records. "MEAN WOMAN BLUES" https://t.co/CGLoDmf9J64 days ago
  • royorbison:K.D. Lang and Roy's widow, Barbara, at the 31st annual #Grammy awards after accepting the award for… https://t.co/W0XoJVH7pL4 days ago
  • royorbison:Roy Orbison's single "IT'S OVER" spent two week at the top of the U.K. Singles Chart during this time in 1964. https://t.co/InvBbdpl7f5 days ago
  • royorbison:Roy Orbison and K.D. Lang won a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration in #1988 with their duet of the… https://t.co/B9XJ1VWy4j1 week ago
  • royorbison:Recorded for #RoyOrbison's MILESTONES album for MGM Records here's Roy performing "SWEET CAROLINE" live in Australia-https://t.co/aze19XYYmY1 week ago
  • royorbison:#WilburyWednesday #DeviantArt #FanArt https://t.co/uPSuoXGH0H1 week ago
  • royorbison:#Repost officialjohnnycash ・・・ Happy 86th birthday to the wonderful, beautiful, and talented June… https://t.co/pmqM9cuvKW1 week ago
  • royorbison:THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE http://t.co/wtFe6ialqa starring Roy Orbison! https://t.co/oeZKotjbh91 week ago
  • royorbison:Happy Father's Day from http://t.co/jQjKSV4peW! http://t.co/AG0WPG8OLQ1 week ago
  • royorbison:Joan Freeman, Roy Orbison, and Maggie Pierce in the #1967 film "The Fastest Guitar Alive." 🎸🎥 The… https://t.co/DJXYS2FV8C2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday @paulmccartney !! Here are @thebeatles with Roy Orbison and Gerry and the Pacemakers… https://t.co/N4lQh1A8hr2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:"RIVER" by #RoyOrbison From THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE- https://t.co/kDKQWlW0pW2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:#WilburyWednesday #BobDylan #JeffLynne #TomPetty #GeorgeHarrison #RoyOrbison https://t.co/6LDJpBWzpH2 weeks ago
  • royorbison:Check out the FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE t-shirt featuring art from the original movie poster! The film starred #RoyOrbison-http://t.co/fqLtUgKqsH2 weeks ago



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