30 Oct 2014

"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" Certified Gold, 50 Years Ago Today!

On this day in 1964, Roy Orbison’s “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” achieved certified gold status!

Here’s “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” from Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black & …

30 Oct 2014

Opening: Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum Exhibit

The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum will soon be celebrating the opening of the brand new Roy Orbison exhibit!

This exhibit will feature items from …

28 Oct 2014

Chris Isaak performing "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" at the Musicians Hall of Fame

Chris Isaak performing, “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” at the Musicians Hall of Fame induction ceremony in January of 2014

Joining him on guitar is original “OH, PRETTY …

27 Oct 2014


Tom Jones covering Roy Orbison’s “OH, PRETTY WOMAN”-



24 Oct 2014

Roy Orbison Album Cover Designer Drew Struzan to Receive Award

Master painter and designer Drew Struzan is slated to receive the Saul Bass Award for his work.  Perhaps best known for his movie posters for …

24 Oct 2014

"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" 2011 Official Video

“OH, PRETTY WOMAN” by Roy Orbison

2011 Official Video-




  • royorbison:Here's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" from #RoyOrbison & Friends: A Black & White Night- http://t.co/36c8wqixuz #OPW501 hour ago
  • royorbison:On this day in 1964, #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" achieved certified gold status! #OPW501 hour ago
  • royorbison:RT @SonyLegacyRecs: 50 years ago today @RoyOrbison’s “Oh! Pretty Woman” went certified gold. Check it out here: https://t.co/Lq62wYnNvl1 hour ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" is on @CBSThisMorning's playlist! #OPW50 http://t.co/jZgsso25121 hour ago
  • royorbison:@mhfm will soon be celebrating the opening of the brand new #RoyOrbison exhibit! Read more here: http://t.co/fF4Te8U5dc3 hours ago
  • royorbison:Later this week the new #RoyOrbison exhibit opens at The @mhfm in #Nashville! #OPW502 days ago
  • royorbison:#ChrisIsaak performing #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" at the @mhfm induction ceremony in January 2014 #OPW50 http://t.co/KHAY4nxmFt2 days ago
  • royorbison:Halloween is almost here! Anyone going as #RoyOrbison this year? Tweet us your pics!2 days ago
  • royorbison:RT @JohnJRenfrow: My Dad's favorite singer and a mainstay on our record player @ROYORBISON http://t.co/eDinU40qel3 days ago
  • royorbison:#TomJones covering #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN"- #OPW50 http://t.co/TGNjcEGBBg3 days ago
  • royorbison:#DrewStruzan is to receive the Saul Bass Award! Struzan designed this #RoyOrbison album cover! http://t.co/5lGylNo0IC http://t.co/zCgHFwEjPk6 days ago
  • royorbison:"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by #RoyOrbison 2011 Official Video- http://t.co/N5N0jv3tzJ #OPW506 days ago
  • royorbison:Jon @BonJovi performing #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" Live- http://t.co/GDZ3Izu03N1 week ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" T-shirt- http://t.co/ONWBXW5IV6 #OPW501 week ago
  • royorbison:"OH, PRETTY WOMAN" by #RoyOrbison Live from The Last Concert- http://t.co/E0pGhl0bMq #OPW501 week ago
  • royorbison:@John_Fogerty & @springsteen performing #RoyOrbison's "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" at the @rock_hall in 2009- #OPW50 http://t.co/oqnte9th561 week ago
  • royorbison:Only 50 total available for sale to the public and they're selling fast! #RoyOrbison #OPW50 Zippo http://t.co/fo7cgY0Cpe1 week ago
  • royorbison:Happy Birthday @tompetty ! #TravelingWilburys #Legends #RoyOrbison1 week ago
  • royorbison:#RoyOrbison's "OH PRETTY WOMAN" inspired the title of #JuliaRoberts' 1990film #PrettyWoman What's your dream? #OPW50 https://t.co/KwlYydUq9e1 week ago



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